View All Reverted or Deleted Transactions and Fee Transaction Reference Numbers

Administration > Finance > Transactions > Reverted transactions 

Search for reverted/deleted transactions by:

  • Fees – Reverted transactions that include all types of student fee payments will be displayed.
  • Others – Deleted income and expenses transactions such as salary, donation will be displayed.

Enter the start and end date

The reverted transaction details will include the payee name, amount reverted, the name of the person who reverted the transaction, the reverted date, the fee collection name, and the type of amount reverted.

Fee Transaction Reference Number

When collecting fees from students, for every transaction created (Finance, Hostel, Transport, and Instant Fee), you can provide a reference number based on the payment mode. The reference number can later be used to search for fee receipts.

Payment modes:

  • Cash – you can provide a reference number.
  • Online Payment – enter the transaction ID.
  • Cheque – enter the number.
  • DD – enter the demand draft (DD) number.
  • Others – enter a custom value and the corresponding reference number.