Understanding more about Year/classes in Primary, Secondary and College .

In Raising Foundation, an institution can be classified into College and Primary/Secondary Education. A Course/year is the study of a particular topic in an institution which when completed, qualifies the student to be a graduate and a Batch is a group of students who complete a specific course over a period of time through different sections/terms/semesters.

1)Primary and Secondary
Primary and secondary education, that is, from reception to year 11. Students will start their education from reception to year 11, so it is known for them to continue moving up a year.

2)  Colleges
How courses and batches are typically structured in colleges. Colleges usually offer multiple courses. Each course is divided into semesters or terms. Every year a new batch of students is admitted into each course. When a batch of students is admitted, the students start with the first semester/term and then goes on to study the remaining semesters.