Swap Timetable and View Report

If a teacher is not able to attend a class, you can either  swap a class with a different class, plus another teacher, or just swap the teacher. Do this by accessing:

Academics > Timetable > Timetable Tracker > Swap Timetable

  1. Select the class and date.
  2. Click change besides the subject of your choice.
  3. Now you can select a department, the employee and the subject you want to swap with and click OK.
  4.  You can also opt to send alerts to the teacher’s.

If you want to view a report of this change, go to:

Menu > Academics > Timetable > Timetable Tracker > Swapped Timetable Report

  • Choose a time range and click search.
  • You can also click view details to swap details.
  • Now select export as CSV to download.

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