Student Administration

Features Designed for Student Administration

Marking attendance is important to not only keep a log of where students are at all times for safety purposes, but it also allows the headteacher to identify trends from the data provided. The attendance module priorities a teacher’s time, which is why it automatically marks students as present, so they only need to enter in details for absent students.

ID cards can be created, and the existing data can be imported into our system, along with biometric data. The allows students to use their ID cards to use the library service, pay for school dinners and more.

All information on school faculty members, students and parents is safely stored in our portal and is entered during the student and employee admission. This includes contact information and the ability to set guardians as emergency contacts, which allows faculty members to get in direct contact with parents when necessary.

All demographic data can be included during student and employee admission, once the student and employee categories are created. All this data can be adjusted to ensure it is in line with GDPR and the UK Department for Education recommendations.

Raising Foundation is equipped with a behaviour management module, which allows teachers and other staff members to create an incident report. They can include the student in question, as well as anyone directly involved, a responsible official and how the situation is being resolved.

With the online payment plugin, the portal will allow school staff members to set up payment gateways which will enable parents to make online payments for school trips, dinner money, library fines, plus many more types of fees. Raising Foundation is integrated with PayPal, Stripe and many other payment gateways to ensure that money is being transferred safely and securely. We are also currently in the process of integrating with Parent Pay, as lots of parents are used to this payment gateway and we want to the payment process to be as convenient as possible.

The gradebook module allows teachers to keep their different classes’ exams organised in exam planners, which can be created for each term. These exams can be scheduled, students will be notified and once completed, the marks can be entered. A marks scheme can also be stored in the module so that teachers can accurately mark the exams.

Any important medical information and student dietary requirements can be entered during the student admission process and stored in the portal. These specific required can either be added to student categories or additional admission information, which will allow the admissions team to input the information in either field. Plus, any field can be marked as a required field so that it must be filled out to proceed with the admission.

The portal has a gallery which can be set up to ensure that school members can see selected photos, which are relevant to them. The photos could include school trips, school sports day, last days of terms and many other special occasions. It’s especially useful for parents who are unable to attend a particular event, as they are still able to see photos of their child having fun.

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