Special Education

Learn and Progress

SEN students find it easiest to achieve their targets when they are taught in an engaging way, as well as being provided with resources they understand. One learning plan won’t meet every SEN student’s needs so it’s important that everyone is given the support they need.

Furthermore, we also offer teachers the ability to generate exam reports in just a few clicks. All the data is taken from previously completed mock tests and consolidated into class and student reports. These allow teachers to monitor where each student is at with their learning and decide which steps can be taken to benefit them as individuals. 

Census Reports

Our priority is allowing special education students to receive the support they need, which is why any information about students and school faculty can be securely and confidentially stored in our portal.

SEN students’ personal information is stored in different student categories, which can be selected during the student admission process. This also allows the school leader to create census reports for their record, using our custom reports feature.


Amongst SEN students, each of them has varying needs and will require different methods of support. For some, transport is crucial which is why we offer this feature to support the wellbeing of these particular SEN students.

All the details of the journey’s route are logged into our system for security, as well as the reassurance of the parents. These details include the stops, times, the vehicle and the name of the driver and the attendant. There is also an option to include the nearest police station and hospital on the route so that if an emergency should occur, the driver is aware of the nearest safety points.