Secondary School

Focus on Priorities

Our school portal automates everything and generates insight reports, which saves teachers time and allows them to prioritise teaching. They can focus on monitoring their students learning and engagement in lessons.


Resource Management

Our school portal allows the school leader create a wide range of reports, manage inventory and overall run their institute efficiently.

They are able to maximise efficiency by delegating resources amongst staff and keep the school organised.

Flexible Learning

Many secondary students have an idea of which learning style they prefer and our portal encourages flexible learning with the gradebook module. It has a range of different profiles, including attribute profiles, activity profiles and grading profiles to allow teachers to grade exams and mark students on other aspects of learning, such as class participation and modules in creative subjects. 

Customisable Solution

Our portal offers schools a complete solution for all their needs, however it is customisable which means each school can choose which modules they want to use.

Our software also has an API so that schools can transfer data from other software. This means the learning resources they use, such as Office 365, are compatible within our portal. 

Our Overall Features

Download the following PDFs files to review the features for both our online portal and our free app.