Secondary School

Focus on Priorities

Learning requires active engagement from the student and the ability to monitor, review and reflect. With our school portal, teachers have all the tools to monitor pupils as they engage in learning. This makes it easier to manage their time more efficiently.

Not only that but our school portal automates everything and generates insight reports, thus making it easier for teachers to make faster decisions. Again, this saves time, which allows them to focus on more important tasks such as supporting learning. Decision makers can also manage their time efficiently with our customisable report function, which allows more time for planning.

Resource Management

Our school portal allows you to delegate resources to the applicable staff to maximise efficiency. You’ll be able to add your school buildings, as well as allocate classes to their appropriate classrooms and assign your employees their positions. This way your staff can focus on their role of teaching, playground management or anything else, to allow your school to function smoothly.

Teachers will also need to be assigned to their applicable subject before they can be allocated to a class within that subject, although they can be assigned to multiple subjects if eligible to teach them. Additionally, there is also an option to swap their class with a different teacher if they are unavailable on a particular day, plus all parties can immediately be notified on these changes. These available functions offer teachers, along with other staff members, the convenience of quick and easy organisation, even in the event of last minute absences.

As well as managing school administration, there is also a function which allows you to manage inventory. You’ll be able to log details on stock such as pens and notebooks, which allows you too see when certain stock is running low. You can place orders for new stock, as well as conveniently store all your invoices in one place. 

Flexible Learning

Many secondary students have an idea of which learning styles they prefer and our portal encourages flexible learning, to accommodate students as individuals. We offer the gradebook module, which not only allows teachers to grade exams but also mark students on other aspects of learning and this furthers students with alternative learning styles, in achieving their personal aims.

The gradebook module has an attribute profile setting, which is useful for these other aspects of learning, such as class participation or the maintenance of notebooks. It also offers a setting for activity profiles, which is ideal for marking creative subjects, such as art or drama. Both of these profiles provide students with a wider range of marks, which offers them excellent learning flexibility. 

Customisable Solution

Although our portal offers schools a complete solution for all their needs, it is customisable so they aren’t required to use every module. We recognise that many schools might be content with their current attendance system, as an example, so we allow them the flexibility to choose exactly which functions they want to use within our system.

Our software also has an API so that schools are able to transfer data from other software. This means that learning resources you might be using, such as Office 365, are compatible within our portal. 

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