School Leadership

Features Designed for School Leadership

Using the online school calendar is a great way for the school community to stay up to date with the latest events and news. When events are created, users can be selected so that faculty members, teachers, students and their parents see events which are relevant to them. This might include such a particular year group’s school trip, a football club or a teacher training day.

Each student and teacher in your school will have their own unique timetable, informing them of each lesson they have for each time period along with the classroom they need to be in. Administrators can build these timetables through a number of different steps, including creating different class timing sets, assigning teachers to their correct subject and adding the classrooms.

Teachers also have the ability to swap their timetable with another faculty member or supply teacher if they are unable to teach a class.

Our subscription service includes both the online portal and a school branded app, both of which are designed to improve school community cohesion and communication. The portal can be accessed anywhere from any computing device, whereas the app is designed for your smart phone and can be used on the go.

Teachers are able to access the assessments module where they can set their choice homework assignments for the students in their class. These assignments are tracked so that they see which students have completed their task and the students who haven’t. The module has an upload function so the teacher can upload whichever file they want to set as their assignment, including documents, spreadsheets, images and many more.

Teachers will be notified when their students complete the homework and can simply download the file and provide them with feedback. This is done over the private messaging function so that every student will receive their own personal feedback. Plus, if a student submits the assignment after the due date the teacher will be able to choose whether they accept or reject the assignment.

Our software package comes with all the tools and functions necessary to run your school efficiently and offer your students personalised learning. When you pay for our MIS subscription service, the price includes all of the features without any hidden costs. This means you have access to all the features we provide, plus you can choose exactly which features you want use.

Different types of grading profiles can be created, which includes a standard grading profile for exams, attributes profiles which is ideal for coursework and activity profiles which can be used for class activities and practical skills. Plus, all these profiles are all customisable and each one can be adjusted depending on whether a subject uses marks, grades or both.

Each school member’s dashboard will look different, depending on whether they are a faculty member, student or parent. Each section of information is generated according to the features they will typically use most often and get the most out of. Dashboards can also be changed and reorganised so each individual can choose which features they want to see when they first log in.

Our system is integrated with multiple services, including Zoom. You will need the online meeting plugin installed to allow students to attend online classes and staff members to attend meetings. This allows the students to get the full benefits of remote learning as virtual classroom interactions are especially crucial when it comes to a student’s learning.