Road Map for the Education Sector’s Response to Covid 19

The school now have an opportunity to “build back better“. Below is how we see online learning in the future and how they can use long-term improvements in areas like personalised learning, teaching tools, and parental engagement.

Coping: Key Intervention During Phase One:

  • Move to online learning to continue education for all learners during school closures.
  • Pushing through pre-conceived limits of digital learning and embracing mobile and online platforms such as TV/ Radio, Google meet,  Zoom and Teams for continuous learning and additional support.


Managing Continuity: Key Intervention During Phase Two:

  • The Coronavirus pandemic has shown us the true level of disparity when it comes to Education Technology, particularly when it comes to regular evaluation to drive change and raise standards.
  • This has also been a time of reflection on how important personalised learning and parental engagement is. Therefore, the need to invest in emerging education technologies that meet the high standards expected by your school and the Ministry of Educationhas become a necessity.


Improving and Accelerating: Key Intervention During Phase Three:

  • The Diagnosis: We provide a mobile app and online portal catered to your school’s requirements and fully integrate with current existing apps they are using.
  • The Evidence: We conduct monthly surveys to direct users (i.e. school staff) and termly surveys to indirect users (i.e. parents and students) to make sure they can communicate any feedback they may have regarding our service.
  • The Prognosis: Closely monitor the results of innovations before they are expanded at scale.


As we are now in Phase 2 and heading into Phase 3, our main goal is to provide EdTech solutions that will have a positive impact on the education sector.