Reporting & Analytics

Features Designed for Reporting and Analytics​

The majority of the modules on the portal come equipped with the ability to generate different reports, using CSV file. These modules include class attendance, exam reports, incident reports and many more. There is also a separate reports function which allows school staff members to generate a wider range of reports. Many of these are reports for different years, classes, students, employees and so much more.

As well as easily generated reports, we offer another module where faculty members can create their own unique reports. This is done by inputting existing data on students and staff, by selecting the different input criteria they want to use, such as nationality, medical conditions etc. They can also choose different fields they want include like the class or year, and select the order these appear in. Then these created reports can be downloaded.

Entering data into our system is simple as our Custom Import feature has a handy guide on how the data must be input to successfully import. Plus, if your data should fail to import there is a bulk edit option which allows you to edit multiple imports at once.

Data from your current system can easily be migrated to our portal by using our Custom Import feature, which uses CSV file. This feature is especially useful for migrating large amounts of data, such as student and employee admission information. Reports on your data can then easily be generated.

Since different members of the school will have different features they can access, an administrator can choose who they want to be able to create different reports. They may, for example, allow teachers to generate reports for exams and attendance as this is a quick and easy process. As mentioned, the report function for these features is located within the modules so it would be convenient for teachers to download these. However, they may also decide that the custom reports feature should only be used by certain staff members to remove any unnecessary admin work from teachers. 

We also offer our support when it comes to integrating your data over from your current system over to Raising Foundation, as well as setting up and using all our different modules. We have articles and videos under the Support tab, as well as our support email address if you would like further one-on-one help.

After successfully migrating large amounts of data to our system, these can easily be downloaded as reports from our data exports feature. This is also useful if your school wishes to back up all their data on a computing device. Additionally, the features on our portal allow you to create reports and export data which is in line with GDPR and the UK Department for Education MIS standards.

Demographic data of students and faculty members can easily be entered once different student and employee categories are created. Then this data is safely stored on the system and reports, including census reports, can be generated. Plus, with the creation of these categories demographic information will be entered for new students and employees during the admission process.

Since custom reports are created using existing data of students and each input field and criteria can be individually selected and ordered, this feature is ideal for building census reports.