Publish Exam Results and View the Reports

Only teachers who have evaluated an exam can publish the results. Exam results must be published only after evaluating the answers for all students. Teachers can edit the marks even after the results are published.

Academics > Examination > Online Exam > Evaluate Online Exams.

  1. Click Publish Result.

After publishing the results, students can view the results from their profile.

Teachers can view the student exam report once the results are published. Teachers can also generate a PDF report of the results.

Academics > Examination > Online Exam > View Exam Results 

  1. Select View Results beside a class

If a student’s answers are evaluated, the result will be indicated accordingly (Passed or Failed). If a student has taken an exam but the answers are not evaluated, it will be indicated as ‘Not evaluated’.

In the top right, click the PDF report button to generate a report.

For more information, watch this timestamped video: