Progressive Management

Features Designed for Progressive Management

The upload function in the assessments feature allows teachers to assign individual homework to their students, based on their level of learning. As mentioned, this upload function is compatible with a variety of different documents and images to allow for the most suitable assignments for each student, as well as different subjects. The flexibility of this function allows teachers to take a personalised learning approach with students.

Our portal includes a feature called online exam, which allows teachers to create different types of tests to evaluate where students are with their learning. Whilst creating a test, teachers also have the option for students to automatically receive their marks.

As well as virtual lessons, tests and homework, students can also further their knowledge and learning outside of school hours by reserving and accessing books from the library. This is especially useful for revising topics for their homework, as well as writing assignments.

Teachers will be able to see the completed homework and tests from their students, as well keeping the feedback they have provided, in order to determine each student’s learning progress. Once the level of learning is understood and the students’ planners have been created in the gradebook module, teachers will have all the information they need to create informative lesson plans and track their students’ levels of learning.

Once the marks for students’ exams have been entered, their grades will be generated which allows for reports to be created. Individual student exam reports can then be sent to their parents. This allows them, along with students and the teacher, to track the student’s progress and make any necessary changes to their studying, homework and overall learning progress.

As well as delivering progress reports throughout each term, final grades can be generated for the end of the year. Teachers can use feedback they have given their students for individual assignments and exams to determine their targets for the next year, along with how these can be achieved. As with progressive reports, both students and parents will have access to their own report cards.