Primary School

Achieve Personalised Learning

Our portal contains an assignment feature, which allows teachers to upload files of their choice and select the applicable students to complete them. Our system is compatible with documents, images and videos so teachers have the freedom, as much as the curriculum allows, to create homework that students find easy to engage with.

This is highly beneficial for both students and teachers, as students will have their learning suited to their needs and abilities, whilst teachers are able to spend less time on administrative work.

Build a Community

As well as a customisable portal, we also provide a school branded smartphone app for added convenience. Attendance, timetables and more can be checked on the go, plus the messaging function allows the school members to connect as a community.

Because the way we learn is always evolving, it’s important to evolve at the same pace to achieve personal goals. By raising the learning standard, we can transform lives.

Achieve Aims Outlined by OFSTED​

Students’ learning is supported with many of the modules we offer, such as assignment and examination. In both of these modules, students are set homework and tests to track the progress of their learning and ensure they understand the topics at hand. With the guidance and feedback from their teachers, students encouraged to achieve their personal goals.

In terms of this guidance, teachers are also expected to achieve a high standard of teaching. School leaders can easily track the teaching quality by the frequency of the set homework and exams, as well as the results the students receive. This will allow them to establish if or when teachers may require further training.


Teachers also have access to a discipline function, to help them with behavioural management. They are able to fill out incident reports when a student misbehaves, which includes all the parties involved and how this incident was resolved. School leaders can also view these, which gives them full behavioural context should they ever need to step in.

School leaders can also create any reports for all the functions of the portal, most of which can be exported as a CSV file in seconds. Others are customisable and can be generated by importing data from the existing software to the portal, which makes it convenient for leaders to assess the school’s professional development. 

The portal is also equipped with a finance function, which allows leaders to keep a record of the school’s transactions, as well as any donations and fees. They can also manage all the staff member’s payslips and keep them organised in payroll groups. 

Census Reporting

As previously mentioned, schools are able to generate and customise reports for any function on the portal. This includes census reports, as it’s important to store data about students and employees on record to keep school leaders informed. Keeping a comprehensive and up to date report is also crucial for school funding and accuracy can help to maximise available funds.

We understand the importance of census reports and therefore have an effective, yet simple function for reporting. Student information that is required to be kept on record can be included immediately upon admission. We have a function which allows users to add custom fields in their student admission form, where this information can be stored. Once all this student data is collected, census reports can be created by using our custom reports function.

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