Primary School

Achieve Personalised Learning

Our portal supports personalised learning as each student has different needs and abilities. Teachers can create engaging assignments for students by uploading different files for select students, as well as feedback when they are completed. They can also monitor their students’ learning progress through practice exams and mark them according to the curriculum.

Build a Community

Along with our customisable portal, we also provide a school branded smartphone app for added convenience. This allows school users to check different features on the go, such as the private messaging function, which allows the school members to connect as a community.

Achieve Aims Outlined by OFSTED​

Enhance the school’s quality of education by setting students homework assignments and practice tests to monitor their learning progress, as well as encouraging them to reach their targets.

Teachers can also help to develop their students’ confidence and overall personal development with encouraging feedback and when necessary, fill out incident reports to manage their behaviour.

School leaders can also oversee any work that teachers set and engage with parents to ensure all students are achieving their targets.

Census Reporting

Schools can generate reports for any module on the portal, as well as create custom reports. Census reports can also be created within the custom reports module.

Student information required for census reports can be included immediately upon student admission, plus any custom fields can also be added to the student admission form.

Our Overall Features

Download the following PDFs files to review the features for both our online portal and our free app.