Primary School

Achieve Personalised Learning

Our portal contains an assignment feature, which allows teachers to upload files of their choice and select the applicable students to complete them. This feature is compatible with:

  • Documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Images
  • Videos

and even more options, so that teachers can create engaging homework suited to individual student’s needs and spend less time on administrative work.

Build a Community

Along with our customisable portal, we also provide a school branded smartphone app for added convenience. This allows school users to check features such as:

  • Attendance
  • Timetables
  • Private messaging

as well as many more. They can all be checked on the go, plus the messaging function allows the school members to connect as a community.

Achieve Aims Outlined by OFSTED​

Support students learning and track teaching quality with modules we offer, such as:

  • Assignment
  • Examination
  • Discipline

With set homework assignments and practice tests, students’ learning progress can easily be monitored and they can be encouraged to reach their targets with feedback.

Teachers can also manage their students’ behaviour by filling out incident reports, which include all parties involved and how the incident will be resolved. School leaders can also access these for full context, should they ever need to step in.

Census Reporting

Schools can generate reports for any module on the portal, as well as create custom reports. Census reports can also be created within the custom reports module.

Student information required for census reports can be included immediately upon student admission, plus any custom fields can also be added to the student admission form.

Case study

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Case study

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