Marking Student’s Daily, Subject-wise and Rapid Attendance

Marking student attendance is highly important, in terms of making timely administrative and financial decisions, as well as planning events such as fire drills and more.

There are certain conditions that must be met for employees to be able to mark student attendance, including:

  • Only the administrator or an employee with the student attendance register privilege can mark student attendance.
  • However, if the student attendance type is Daily, only the employee(s) assigned as a teacher for this particular class can mark attendance. To do this, login as the assigned teacher and go to:

Academics > Attendance > Attendance Register

  1. Select the class of your choice. You can sort by the students’ Name or Roll Number.
  2. Select the corresponding column for the date and student you want to mark as absent.
  3. Enter the reason for the student being absent.
  4. Select Forenoon and/or Afternoon to indicate how long they were absent for.
  5. Click Add to save.

It’s important to note that all students are automatically considered present in the portal, unless specifically marked as absent or late. Plus, students can only be marked as absent on the current date or a past date, not a future date.

Student attendance can also be marked as subject-wise.

  • In this case, only the employee(s) assigned to a subject can mark the  attendance for that particular subject. Login as the assigned teacher.

Follow the same steps to get to Attendance Register and once again, select the class of your choice. However, this time:

  1. Select the subject. You will only see subjects assigned to this employee.
  2. Follow steps 2, 3 and 5 again. You won’t need to follow step 4 because you’re marking attendance for a specific subject.

There is also a feature which allows teachers to save time marking, by bypassing the step where they provide a reason for a student’s absence. This feature is called Rapid Attendance.

When the teacher accesses their register, either daily or subject-wise, there will be a rapid attendance checkbox which they can select before marking.


For more information, watch this timestamped video: