Key Elements of the Perfect Online School Portal System

6 Main Key Elements of Online School Portal

The purpose of the Online School Portal is to share all the necessary academic information, which may include homework, online exam, calendar and other resources. Some of these will vary depending the year group of and will include information relevant to each year. The Online School Portal consists of six unique elements which allow it to successfully operate.

1- School Portal System

2- Teacher App

3- Parent App

4- Pupil App

5- Parent App

6- virtual classroom

School Portal System

The School Portal System offers students a web-based platform where they will be able to access all their essential resources, through an automated system. In addition to this, they are also able to learn through a virtual school with an online community which offers them transparent communication and additional support.

The School Portal System is also useful when it comes to generating reports to allow teachers to keep up to date with their students’ progress. They are then able to make quick decisions about potential additional learning resources they may wish to give students access to, based on which areas of study they may need more guidance in.

Staff Portal

As well as giving students and teachers direct access and a mode of communication, other staff members are also able to access the Online School Portal. As a school administrator, you can set permissions for each staff member so that you know exactly who is able to access each specific section of the Online School Portal. In the Staff Portal, you can oversee newsletter and events schedule, as well as sending out necessary notifications so that everyone is kept up to date on the school’s latest news.

In addition to this, the Staff Portal will have a section dedicated to payments where the teaching staff’s payslips can be documented. This is a more convenient method of accessing their payments in advance, as well as making it easier to rectify any potential errors when necessary. The Staff Portal allows all teaching bodies the opportunity to retrieve any staff information whenever they need.

Teacher App

Of course, teachers will have even more uses from the Online School Portal than staff administrators, of which they can easily access through the Teacher App. Of course, the most frequent function they will use is scheduling homework to their classes, as well as offering their students feedback once completed.

Not only this but teachers can also use the Teacher App to set online assessments for the student to complete and monitor their progress. Attendance can also be closely monitored with an online register so they can keep a close eye on which students are staying on track with their assigned work. Plus, to take advantage of the community aspect of the Online School Portal, the Teacher App offers the ability to create polls to encourage discussion and gain feedback from students.

Pupil App

Naturally, the students are the group who have the most to gain from the Online School Portal. They will be set their homework and online assessments by their teachers and their Pupil App will inform them as to when it must be completed, which allows them to manage their time to complete multiple assignments. They can also view their timetable in the Pupil App to keep track of their online assessments and homework deadlines.

The Pupil App also offers students access to an online library so they can check out different books and read former student’s assignments, depending on whether the school offers access to these.

Parent App

As well as students being able to keep track of their schedule, their parents also have their own Parent App and will be able to see all the necessary information and updates from the school. This includes access to the school calendar so they know which events are coming up and whether their child will be participating.

In terms of school events, they will also be able to view any permission forms on the Parent App and sign them in time. Some of these events may also require payment and the Parent App allows them to easily complete this virtually.

Virtual classroom

The Online School Portal also works like a virtual classroom, which has become highly important this year. With many students losing access to physical classes, it’s crucial they learn the same information in a virtual classroom setting to complete their assignments. With the Online School Portal, they have access to an online library, as well as set assessments and the ability to communicate with their teachers and peers for guidance and vital feedback.

Whilst the virtual classroom system works most effectively in conjunction with physical lessons, unfortunately, it isn’t currently possible for all students to attend these lessons, therefore, this Online School Portal is more important than ever to get the most out of their learning.


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