Human Resources Settings

You will be able to modify different functions in the settings. Here is a brief overview of what each function is used for:

  1. Employee Category: Create and manage employee categories. For example: teaching staff and non-teaching staff

  2. Employee Position: Create different position under categories. For example: senior teacher, junior teacher and non-teaching staff 

  3. Employee Department: Different departments as per institution structure. For example: academic department and non-academic department.

  4. Employee Grade: Create and manage employee grades. For example: Level 1 and Level 2 employees or Grade A and Grade B employees. 

  5. Working Day Settings: These values will be applied when using the standard code NWD to calculate loss of pay.

  6. Leave Types: Add and manage employee leave types. For example: casual leave and sick leave.

  7. Leave Groups: Create leave groups to manage different leave types. Multiple leave groups need to be created if employee leave types are different.

  8. Bank Details: Create and manage employee bank fields. For example: account number, bank name and bank branch.

  9. Additional Details: Create and manage additional details for the employee Admission Form.

  10. Payroll Settings: Configure the Payroll Calculation mode while assigning to a new employee.

 The system is now ready for employee admission.

For more information, either go to Settings Through Articles or watch this timestamped video:


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