Generate Student Fees Head-wise Report

An administrator or employee with either the View Additional Reports privilege, or the Finance Reports privilege, will be able to view the student-wise report. This displays the fees a student has already paid and those they’re due to pay in their current class, as well as previous classes. The employee can see this report by going to:

Menu > Data and Reports > Reports > Students Fees Head-wise Report > Student-wise Report

  1. Search the name of the student you want.
  2. Click on their name.
  3. There may be displayed fees such as general (finance) fees, library fines, instant fees and more. The student could have one or multiple of these fees. You will see the payment status, amount due and date.
  4. You should also see the student’s name, class, total paid, balance and more options displayed.
  5. Click on CSV Report or PDF Report to generate either one of these student fees reports.