Further Learning

Further Education

As a complete MIS, we offer a wide range of features designed to benefit students in further learning, studying different subjects at different levels.

Flexible Learning

As well as our Gradebook module that allows for exams, coursework and creative subjects to be marked, our system is also integrated with video calling platforms such as Zoom and Big Blue Button. This allows for online lessons to still take place to offer students some face-to-face learning, where teachers can engage with their students and set them individual tasks.

Independent Learning

As well as virtual lessons and assignments, further learning students also benefit from independent studying. Students can use the online library function in our portal to reserve any books they need to revise for A levels or coursework and return them by the due date. They can also renew any books if they need to use them for an extended time period.

Work Placements

Further learning students can also benefit from work experience with the placement module. It allows faculty members to announce any placement events which are coming up and students can apply for the position. Staff members can also invite any students to the placement event and choose the most eligible student from the applicants.

Tuition Centres

At Raising Foundation, we understand the importance of adapting tutoring styles to suit each student, as they all have different needs and are all working at different progress levels. Therefore we offer various features to benefit tuition centres.

Personalised Learning

The portal is equipped with a homework module to give tutors the flexibility to choose an assignment that will most benefit their student. Tutors can upload any form of document, excel sheet, image or video according to what type of learner their student is, and which format they find most effective to learn from. Plus, they can also provide their students with different homework assignments according to level of learning, as well as track their knowledge and progress with online mock tests.

Automated System

Tutors can save time when it comes to marking work by setting up mock tests to instantly provide students with their results. They can also create a remark bank which can autofilled details, such as the student’s name and pronouns, for the purpose of showing how they getting along with their work. As the remark bank shows the basics of what a student is achieving, this can give tutors a great starting point for feedback. 

Parental Engagement

It’s now more convenient for parents to get involved in their child’s learning with their own log in credentials for both the portal and app. Both of these learning tools have features which allow parents to stay engaged and up to date with their child’s academic progress, such as reports of the mock test results. Plus, parents can check these on the go, at a time that best suits them by using the app.


With a wide range of features designed to benefit students and allow them to progress their learning, our online portal is also beneficial for school faculty members to efficiently work and engage with each other.


During the admission process, school employees will be entered into the system with all their details logged and sorted into different employee categories and departments, according to their job title. This allows the school leader and admin team to keep information and documents on the employees organised, safely stored and convenient to access.


There are a range of features available exclusively for employees to use, as a staff portal. This includes a leave management feature, where employees can put in requests for days off for their supervisor to approve or deny. Employees will also be sorted into different leave groups, according to how many holidays they are entitled to. 


As well as leave requests, employees can also be assigned on their payroll within the portal. Taking their job role and assorted payroll group into account, an employee’s salary can be calculated, including calculated tax deductions. Once finalised, each employee’s payslip can then be generated and sent out to them.