Enable a Unique Number For a Student

Roll numbers are identification numbers which are unique to each student. These are assigned to each student individually, to help staff differ between them, and thus cause less stress/frustration.

To avoid any situations of students having identical unique numbers, it is best to set a ‘prefix’ to make matters simple and straightforward.

Prior to assigning unique numbers to students, you must decide the order in which you would like to sort them into the system.

  1. For, e.g.: Admission no, First Name, Last Name
  2. First Name, Last Name, Admission no, or…
  3. Last Name, First Name, Admission no.


Head to Menu > Administration > Settings > General Settings.

  1. Scroll down until you see ‘enable roll number for students

    Note: If you select this checkbox but do not assign student unique numbers, unique number columns throughout will be remain blank. So if you decide not to assign student unique numbers, we recommend not to select this checkbox.

    1. Click the Update button.

    Some of the important pages/modules in which you will see student unique numbers are:


    • Data Exports
    • Student profile and student reports
    • Attendance reports
    • All reports in the Reports centre
    • All payments receipts
    • Class summary
    • Remarks
    • Online Exam