Create and Add Questions

Please bear in mind this particular page can only be accessed by teachers.

The following 2 steps are required to set up an exam. You can start by accessing:

Academics > Examination > Online Exam > New Online Exam

You can now create your exam by filling out the following information:

  1. The Name
  2. Start date and End date
  3. Maximum Time (Minutes)
  4. Pass Percentage (%)

Now select the Exam Type from the available options:

  • General – The exam is not specific to any subject. If you select General, you can choose a class and then select all or specific students to take this exam.

  • Subject Specific – The exam is specific to a particular subject. If you select Subject Specific, you can once again choose a class, then a subject and finally select all or specific students.

Select the Exam Format from the following options:

  • Objective – Objective exams mean a student will need to choose a response to a question where the correct answer is predetermined. 

  • Hybrid – Hybrid exams include both objective and descriptive type questions.

Click the Create button. You will now be able to start creating the exam questions.

For more information, watch this timestamped video:

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