Create an Event Reminder

The Event Reminder Settings page contains preconfigured reminder settings that can be changed. You can find these by visiting:

Menu > Administration > Reminders > Reminder Settings > Event Reminder Settings

  1. Select the recipients who will receive the reminder message.
  2. Set the reminder time. There will be three default options available:
  • Before 1 day.
  • Before 2 days.
  • And Before 1 week.

      3. Click Add new.

Reminders can be set for a maximum of 30 days in advance or 4 weeks in advance.

Remember you can add as many options as you’d like, however, only three options can be selected and the predefined templates cannot be edited.

4. Select the reminder mode to either Email or SMS. You            must select at least one of these modes.

5. Click the Save changes button.

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