Create a Store Category
The inventory module is where store items can be managed. It also allows you to add a store, store items, raising indents, raising a purchase order, creation of GRN notes etc.


A store can contain any number of items.  The items may be meant for sale or meant to be indented (issued). An admin or a privileged user can add available Stock Item, Available quantity etc.
Stores can be categorised based on any attribute. For example, you can categorise stores based on who the items are being sold or issued to such as a ‘Student’ store category, an ‘Employee’ store category, or a ‘Guest’ category.
You may also want to categorise stores as a ‘Sellable Store’ category (stores with items for sale) and an ‘Indent Store’ category (stores with items that can be indented).

Menu > Administration > Inventory > Store Category.

  1. In the Name field, enter the name of the store category.
  2. In the Code field, enter the store category code. The code for each store category must be unique.
  3. Click the Save button.


For more information, watch this timestamped video:

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