Create a GRN

A goods receipt note (GRN) is created to record the delivery of items from your suppliers. A GRN is created against an issued purchase order. When a GRN is created for an item, any pending item quantity for an approved indent request will be automatically issued.

  1. Menu> Administration > Inventory > GRN to open the GRN page.

  2. In the top right, click the New button.

  3. In the GRN No. field, enter the GRN number.
  4. In the Purchase order field, select the purchase order.
  5. In the Invoice No. field, enter an invoice number provided by the supplier.
  6. In the GRN Date field, select the GRN date. The GRN date cannot be earlier than the purchase order date.
  7. In the Other Charges field, enter any additional charges incurred.
  8. Click the Save button.

For more information, watch this timestamped video:

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