Create a Custom Reminder and Edit or Delete them

You can create a customer reminder by visiting:

Menu > Administration > Reminders > Create Custom Reminders 

  1. Enter the reminder name for your event.
  2. Select the date to send the reminder.
  3. Select the reminder mode.
  4. If you select Email, enter the subject of the message, the email message and the signature)
  5. If you select SMS, try to keep the text within 160 characters, otherwise the message will be broken down into 2 messages.
  6. Selecting your user type, then you can select and deselect specific users of your particular type if necessary.
  7. Click the arrow icon to move the users to the Selected users column.
  8. Click Save changes.

Custom reminders set for events can be edited or deleted as long as the event has not passed. Once the event has passed, the reminders cannot be edited or deleted. You can simply click Edit to make your changes and then save, and Delete to remove.

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