Features Designed for Communication

We understand the importance of keeping your school updated on the latest news and events, which is why we have several different modules for this in case anyone misses an announcement from one source. One of these modules is the news feature, where a school faculty member posts an announcement, and anyone in the school can post their thoughts in the moderated comments section. The news board keeps the school community up to date with the latest news and allows them to connect. 

The private messaging feature is available for all school members to directly communicate with each other, which is especially useful for teachers giving students feedback on their assignments. It’s also useful for parents and teachers to efficiently communicate with each other, especially if one person has a quick question about homework or an upcoming event.

If a member of the school has a task to complete and the due date is coming up, they will receive timely reminders. 

A teacher has the ability to create a discussion group and add any members of their choice so they can all interact with each other and share their views, through posting comments. This could be useful for after school clubs, study groups and school sports teams to discuss potential changes and updates on important news. Any members can respond to comments whilst administrators can delete any inappropriate ones.

Similarly to the discussion board, the poll module offers the school faculty and students the chance to share their opinions. The difference is that the school community can anonymously vote on topics that are created by an admin or a school staff member who is able to create polls. This is a useful feature for instantly gaining feedback on a new school lunch item or a new school club, as an example.

When any updates in the portal occur, such as a new homework assignment or a new event in the calendar, notifications will be sent out to the people they are relevant to. Notifications for homework updates and more are also sent out in the app, which uses pop up notifications. So when school members receive them, it’s the first thing they will see on their phone.

PDF Files for Different Features​

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