Admissions & Enrollment

Features Designed for Admissions and Enrollment

When new students and employees join your school, both parties will go through the admissions process. The school admin can input all their biographic and demographic information, as well as their contact information. Certain sections in the admission can also be used for to create custom reports, especially census reports.

As many different types of documents can contain sensitive information on students and personnel records, they can either be stored in user-specific folders or folders which only privileged staff can access. The administrator will be able to organise these documents into different folders and then select exactly which staff members are authorised to see them. This allows all personal information and child protection documents to be stored safely in the system.

Similarly to the documents, the school gallery can also be organised into folders and specific school members can be selected to view them. As an example, your school administration team may decide that parents can only be granted access to see pictures of their child for safety purposes.

We regularly update our MIS every six months and inform schools of any new features added. They are able to use these features at no extra cost, if they wish. Plus, we take on board any feedback and are able to make changes based on this, during the updating period.

The app is not only ideal for checking any information on the go, but it is also complete with a user-friendly interface. Everything you need is all listed on one menu from timetable to announcements, which makes it simple and straightforward to use. It’s a concise version of the portal so whilst it contains less features, its purpose is to briefly check anything you might need and the portal can be used for completing any work.

Any files you want to import from your current MIS, as well as export from our portal, can be done in several different formats. Our system is compatible with CTF, CSV, or XML files so you can choose the option most suitable for you

PDF Files for Different Features​

Download our PDFs for more information.