Add, edit / delete, activate or deactivate class & view pupil in class.

Add class :

At the top of your dashboard, click the Menu > Administration > Settings > Manage Year/class > Manage Year to open the page.

  1. Select the Year for which you want to create a new class.

  2. In the top right, click the New button.

The above fields are as follows:


Start date:

End date:

Academic year:

Import previous batch master fees:

Once you (the admin or privileged employee) have completed the fields, ensure you click save.

Edit / delete class :

At the top of your dashboard, click Menu > Administration > Settings > Manage Year/Class > Manage Year to open the page.

  1. Select the Year for which you want to edit class & click on the year.

  2. In the right, click the Edit/ delete button.

View pupil in a class :

To view students in a batch, you must be an Administrator or Teacher to go through the following steps:

Go to Menu > Academics > Class Summary.

  1. You will see your first drop-down, on which you need to click and select a year.
  2. After doing this, another drop-down will appear, from this one you need to select the class.

Activate or deactivate a class:

Menu > Administration > Settings > Manage year/class > Manage class.

manage active & inactive class.

  1. You can see the headings – Active Class & Inactive class. 
  2. By clicking on the drop-down of ‘Select class’, you can select one of your choices.
  3. Should you notice ‘deactivate‘ with a line through it, it means that this class is assigned to a student/tutor
  4. However, classes not assigned can be deactivated.
  • At any time you wish to deactivate a class, it will be listed under Inactive class category
  • When you transfer a class from one category to the other, the class of a different name will not be affected.