Add Different Leave Types

Leave types are leaves that can be taken by an employee, such as sick leave or casual leave. You can add multiple leave types that are applicable to your institution by accessing:

Menu Administration > Human Resource > HR Settings > Leave Types > Add Leave Types

  1. Enter the name of the leave type.
  2. Enter the maximum number of leaves an employee can take.
  3. Set how to manage Employee leave balance during leave reset:
  • Allow leave carry forward – this will carry the balance of the leave count forward for the employees, while resetting leave counts.
  • Discard leave balance – this won’t carry forward the balance of the employees’ leave count.

4. Set how to manage Additional leaves:

  • Liable for salary deduction (LOP) – Additional leaves can be marked as loss of pay and will be liable to be accounted for when processing payroll.
  • No salary deduction – Additional leaves will not be marked as loss of pay.

5. Click create once you’re finished.


For more information, watch the timestamped video:

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