Add Additional Admission Details

Add additional admission details, is essential for when you are admitting students into your school, and they are required for when any situation arises and the incident pushes for you to check the student’s records.

  • You can add fields such as allergies, birthmarks, certificates, passport no. etc

These are essential, as they help you in differentiating between students in many aspects. To do this follow the steps below,

Go to Menu > administration > Settings > Add admission additional details

  1. In the Name field, enter the name of the custom field that will appear on the student admission form.

  2. Select the status of the field name:

  • Active – A custom detail field with this status will be available in the student admission form and can be used to record additional details about the applicant.

  • Inactive – A custom detail field with this status will not be available in the student admission form.

  1. Select the Is mandatory checkbox to set this field as a mandatory field that must be filled by the student.

  2. In the Input method field, select the field input method from the following options:

  • Text Box – Enter brief text information.

  • Text Area – Enter detailed text information.

  • Select Box – Select an option from a drop-down list.

  • Check Box – Select one or more items from a set of options.

  1. Click the Create button.

  2. Use the arrow icons  to determine the order that the fields will appear in the student admission form.


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