Primary School

Strong focus on teaching, learning and boosting attainment.

Secondary School

Powerful school MIS used to improve OFSTED and school ratings.

Purposeful intervention designed to overcome obstacles in learning.

Further Education

Create a seamless learning experience with customisable online portal.

FREE School Branded App

Track the school’s daily operation at your fingertips!

Smartphone app in your brand for parents, teachers and pupils.

  • Easy to use
  • Connects the whole school community
  • Check on the go and save time

Why Raising Foundation?

You will have regular evaluations to drive change and raise the standard.

We understand that one size does not fit all, which is why your school can choose which features they want to enable.

All members of your school have access to features that specifically benefit them and encourage their work.


School Leadership

Integration and teamwork is the key. MIS features save your school time and money.

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Progressive Management

Every child deserves the best learning experience. Multiple features are used for regular evaluation to drive improvement.

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Student Administration

Managing daily school life online can minimise paperwork.

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Seamless communication and instant notifications for the whole school community, through the school branded app.

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Reporting & Analytics

Generate insightful reports to make better and faster decisions.

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Admissions & Enrollment

Digitise the entire admission journey, saving time and reducing data input.

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Features for teachers include absence management, performance and assessment monitoring. This enables streamlined communication among staff.


The virtual classroom helps connect the tutors and students. However, the school online portal brings the whole school community, including staff, school leaders, parents and pupils on one page.


To help extend and progress personalised learning, the student app offers features such as assessments, effective teaching, sharing online resources and evidence based reports.


The parent app allows for consistent, organised parental engagement. Everything is compacted into one user-friendly app so that parents don’t have to juggle multiple communication apps and platforms.

Raising Foundation Vision!
Raising standards transforms lives

Raising Foundation offers integrations with: